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EurAupair Employee Referral Program

You can help EurAupair International, a friend, and yourself by participating in the EurAupair International Employee Referral Program.

If you are an eligible employee, you can earn a cash award of $500 if you refer an external applicant who is hired to a designated open position at EurAupair International.

The Employee Referral Program is open to all regularly employed staff. EurAupair International temporary employees, and office staff but, not career placement personnel. Supervisory staff are not eligible when hiring in their department.

The Employee Referral Form below, or a copy of it, must be filled out completely. The applicants you refer must have this form attached to the resumes or applications that they summit to the corporate office. You cannot refer anyone who has already applied to this office for the position, anyone who already works at ASSE International, World Heritage International Student Exchange or EurAupair International, or anyone who has worked at any of these entities in the last twelve months. This includes regular and casual employee as well as employees working through temporary agencies.

The hiring department will pay you a cash award of $500 (subject to applicable taxes) if the person you referred is hired for a position and completes six months of continuous employment. You must be employed by EurAupair International at that time to collect payment. The hiring department notes in the appropriate box on the requisition for personnel when a position is to be included in the Employee Referral Program. The department may include a position when it is first available or at a later date; however, once included, a position my not be withdrawn from the program

In the event an applicant is referred from more than one source, the deciding factor will be the date of receipt of the referral within the corporate office. This office will inform the participating parties when such situations arise.

Employee Referral Program Form

Current Job Opening:

EurAupair International, Inc. seeks a Program Administrator in Laguna Beach, CA to plan, direct and coordinate educational international exchange program, including budgeting, business strategies and policy development.  Direct program business development planning through data analysis, community outreach, budgeting, price negotiations and reporting. Participate in the determination of organizational policies regarding such issues as participant eligibility, program requirements and program benefits.

Requirements:  Bachelor's degree or foreign equivalent in any field and 1 year of experience in the position offered or related position in business and 1 year of experience must include experience with: developing and managing budgets and financial reporting; providing client service to multiple stakeholders; working in highly regulated government field and ensuring compliance; negotiating terms of contracts and price negotiations. Mail cover letter and resume to EurAupair International, Inc.  HR Dept., 250 N. Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, CA   92651

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