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“A good workshop program, a great team of counselors, the newsletter and a great contact for HQ in Laguna Beach, CA. I had a great time. The people at EurAupair were always available. It is the best way to discover a new culture while living with a family that takes care of you.”

Sarah Djoudi from France with the Sauvage Family in Texas

“I would recommend the organization, because all in all it is a very organized program. The fees are low and compared to other organizations you have a lower rate in becoming rematched, which means they have a good selection of families. The organization cares about your problems. If you have any question, just give them a call or write an email and they will respond you fast. They are very helpful and try their best to solve your problems. I had just great experiences with EurAupair and therefore I think it would be the best organization to pick for becoming an Au pair.”

Birgit Bausch from Germany with the Martin Family in Virginia

“The first week went by so fast, everything was a blur. I just knew I was in New York City, everything was like a dream. “Am I really in the States or am I just dreaming?” I walked down the stairs at the airport in Washington D.C. and there was my new family. My first thought was, “OMG, what am I doing here? Was it the right decision to go to the US? To choose this family?” And then my 4 year old took my hand, looked me in the eye and said: “Don’t worry I’ll show you the way. Just come with me!” He didn’t let go of my hand until we were next to the car. That was the last moment I was scared that I took the wrong path. That was the moment I knew that I was in the right place, with the right family. I was right where I belong. It was fate that we ended up together.

Being an au pair is more than just a job or providing good child care for a family, it’s learning about yourself, what you can do and how you can grow, returning home as a different person because of all you’ve experienced. I’m proud to say that my heart will never again be whole because it will forever be in two places – America and Germany. Some may think that sounds sad, but that’s what it means to have more than one home. Springfield, Virginia will always be part of my life, the city where I changed the most and helped me to become a better version of myself.”

Jacky Maersch from Germany with the Gerstenberg family in Virginia

“I still remember when Elizabeth, my host mum, and I Skyped for first time. We only needed five minutes to know that we were the perfect match and that this was going to work. She told me that she had a feeling that I was the right person and I felt so lucky to find a family like them. Since the first day the Carmens made me feel at home, they opened the door of their house and gave me everything I need, love, peace, safety… they gave me a home. I always had a special connection with Bella. It is amazing how a kid can make you the happiest person in the world. For me, the best thing is when she says to me that I am like her sister, that she feels like I am part of her family and she is not going to let me go back to Spain because she is going to keep me here. Jackson, my host kid, stole my heart. He is only 3 years old but is the sweetest kid ever. We spend a lot of hours together and he has become my little sunshine because nothing makes me happier that see all the love he has for me."

Alejandra Cantero Berrocal from Spain with the Carmen family in Washington, DC

"To live a year in another country is something that most people can do by aimlessly studying a course, clearing the grapes at a vineyard or maybe pack your backpack and jump on the train with an unclear destination - but to spend a year with a host family gives you a completely different experience. You are quickly becoming part of your host family's daily life, and to get to know a new culture and a new language in this way is an experience that cannot be obtained any other way. I have worked with a family in New York City and I do not think this city and huge country would have felt like "home" as quickly if I had not been thrown into my family's life and routine. For most people it is more about finding the farmer's market that has the crispiest salad or feel at home in the subway jam, than the classic guidebook knowledge of the Empire State Building, and Starbucks. This country has opened up to me in a way I never thought possible. I assumed the Western cultures did not have many differences - "what is really the difference between Sweden and the United States?" before I arrived. But it is by living, working, and experiencing a culture full-time that the nuances come out, and that experience was made possible thanks to EurAupair. It has been hugely eye-opening, rewarding, fun and exciting. A boost in social skills, language and maturity - my time in the US is an adventure I will never forget."

- Rebekah Ekholm from Sweden with the Kallerus-Casey family in New York

“When I first decided that I wanted to be an au pair, I never thought in a million years that my life would change this much, this fast. I left my family and friends in South Africa to pursue a lifelong dream, and it's the best decision I've ever made. Sure, I miss my family a lot, but the experience is just so great, that I can't imagine being back home if I can be here in America experiencing all of this.

I've learned so much about myself - I've grown up, become more mature and independent, and have much more patience - and I've learned so much about kids in this past five months, the kind of things I would never have been able to learn if it wasn't for this great opportunity.

EurAupair is a great agency that I will recommend to anybody, any day. They really try and help out as much as they can and go the extra mile for us aupairs, and thanks to the Community Counselor we have, we always have a great support system.

This is truly a great experience, not only because you get to tour and see a different country and explore their cultures and history, but you also meet aupairs from other countries from across the world and make friends for life. It's nice having people who understand what you're going through and who can support each other.

The monthly meetings are awesome, because we get to have some fun together and relax, interact with our group and talk about our different experiences, and it gives us the time to be able to talk to our Community Counselor if we have any problems. Our CC is the best-she always goes the extra mile for all of us and will always be there to listen.

I also know that I'm really lucky to have gotten such an incredible host family. I made the best decision when I picked them to be my host family. I just love them; they're such great kids and have the best parents. They all made me feel at home from the first day I got here and made me feel like I'm a part of the family from the start. We have so much fun together, and I've grown so close to them that I know that saying goodbye at the end of all of this, is truly going to be heartbreaking.”

Simone Steyn from South Africa with the Renken family in Maryland

"At Thanksgiving, my host mom Kati made a toast in my honor in front of her whole family. Not only did she tell me how much she liked me, but she told everybody else. She wanted everyone to know how important I was to them and how special our experience was. My host dad George told me that the girls have never been happier since I came here. This was something that really touched my heart. How can someone in five months make these girls happier than they were before? I guess I never understood the impact I have had on other people."

Emilie Terryn from France with the Spaniak family in Illinois

"This is the end of the au pair adventure for me; I want to thank the EurAupair and Calvin-Thomas team. Thanks to you I lived the best experience of my life! Can you realize how much you did for me!? I came here in the US, discovered different parts of this amazing country, I became fluent in English, I met such wonderful people, and spent a great time with my host family that I love so much, and learned about a new culture. All of this has been possible thanks to you and the awesome job you do! I am so grateful and wanted to share it with you. Thank you so much for everything ❤️"

Morgane Chiron Caille from France with the Gonzalez family in Texas

"I just have to share my story with you all. So back in 2009 I was 18 yrs old and I went to Virginia to live with my host family. I took care of two girls aged 10 and 2 and they were my little sweethearts! We bonded a lot, and with my host parents too - and now that's 7 years ago and I've been back visiting almost every year after. But this year it's been really special since the oldest of my host children just graduated from High School and we've been celebrating tonight with a fun party! I feel so blessed that I had the opportunity to live abroad and bond with this family like the way I've been able to. I know how much they love and appreciate me and I will always feel welcome in their family."

Diana Holbek Ostergaard from Denmark with the Smith family in Virginia


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