Traveling Outside of the United States

The J-1 visa permits multiple entries into the USA during its 12-month period of validity, as long as the participant is in good standing with EurAupair. After successful completion of a program year, an au pair is allowed a 30-day grace period to travel within the United States, at her own expense, to learn more about the country and its culture before returning home. This grace period is known as the 13th month. Travel outside of the USA is not permitted during the 13th month.

If you are traveling outside of the USA, check with the appropriate Embassy(ies) for any visa requirements for the destination(s). Also make sure that your DS-2019 form is signed and dated by a Responsible Officer or Alternate Responsible Officer in the bottom right box titled "Travel Validation by Responsible Officer". Without this signature you may not gain entry back into the United States.

Traveling While Participating in the Extended Stay Program

While participating in EurAupair's Extended Stay Program allows participants to continue being an au pair, it does not renew the J-1 multiple entry visa. This means while an au pair is legally allowed to continue living in the United States, she is not permitted to travel outside of the USA during the extension period. All international travel must be completed during the initial 12-month program year before the J-1 visa expires. Please check the expiration date on your visa. If one wishes to travel outside of the USA during the Extended Stay Program, they must go back to their home country during their initial program year and apply for a new J-1 visa. Please contact 800.333.3804 ext 2 for more informaton.

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