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The Community Counselor's Role

What can I do to help?

By getting involved as a Community Counselor, you will be making a difference in the world - one young person at a time. As a EurAupair Community Counselor, you'll be that all-important point person for au pairs placed in your area during their year abroad, and for the host families in your area during their program year. Counselor, advocate and friend are just some of the roles you will play as you oversee the EurAupair program in your area and help the au pairs and host families get the most out of their year together.

"Thank you for another great year together! It's been very rewarding with families and au pairs and wonderful to be able to work with you. Your support and attentiveness are what makes this organization a great one and great to be part of." From Community Counselor Jeanette Schoonman.

"Being a Community Counselor for EurAupair is such a rewarding position. Not only being a witness to the growth in au pairs but the host families as a whole. To watch bonds develop between the children, au pairs, and host families is beautiful. The program itself offers flexibility, cultural integration, and dependability. What makes EurAupair different is that we, as a program, are a family as well. While we are understanding and compassionate, we make sure that everything is done according to the Department of State regulations and guidelines. I thoroughly enjoy offering 24/7 support to families in the Los Angeles area and mentoring au pairs. I myself have formed great lifelong friendships, too. The benefits are well beyond an enriching opportunity for all." From Community Counselor Erika Loder.

What Are Some of the Responsibilities of a EurAupair Community Counselor?


As a trained EurAupair Community Counselor, you'll receive on-going support from your EurAupair Area Coordinator and Regional Director as you take on a variety of challenging roles! Not only will you help young people from around the world, you will also get to know better the families in your own area. In addition, you will expand your circle of community contacts by establishing relationships with local business, civic groups, clubs and other organizations as you promote awareness of the EurAupair Program in your area.

Take a look at just some of the skills you'll use and responsibilities you'll have.

Public relations:

Become a "P.R." person for EurAupair in your community by promoting the program to recruit new host families


Interview and screen prospective host families


Conduct host family and au pair orientations


Offer support and guidance to au pairs and host families throughout their exchange year


Maintain monthly contact with each host family and au pair. Plan and organize social and recreational meetings/activities with the au pairs in your area

What's the next Step:

Join EurAupair today and make a difference! By taking the time to help an international young person, you will know that you're doing your part to help achieve a more peaceful world.  Call your regional office or apply online for information on how you can become a EurAupair Community Counselor today!  

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