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Caring for Your Children Means Caring for Others

When you welcome a EurAupair exchange participant into your home, EurAupair makes a contribution to Ronald McDonald House Charities® in your family's name. By choosing EurAupair, you will be providing exceptional care and invaluable cultural opportunities for your own children. You will also be contributing to the welfare of children who have been stricken with life-threatening, and often terminal, illnesses. Ronald McDonald House provides an affordable place for families to stay while their children are undergoing painful and often frightening treatment. A sensitive place, full of understanding and support, is something that hotels and hospitals just cannot provide.

Because of the efforts of Ronald McDonald House, seriously ill children can have their families where they need them most - by their sides. Through this donation, you will be touching the lives of parents and the hearts of their children by helping to create a nurturing atmosphere of love, compassion and healing. When you choose EurAupair, you can feel good knowing that your decision to provide quality care and cultural enrichment for your family also helps other young families as well.

"We received a donation card from RMHC of Chicago that EurAupair made a donation on our behalf. I can't tell you what a nice gesture that was. We are so proud of all that RMHC does and the many lives that are made easier one day at a time through that charitable organization and their homes. Thank you so much for that; our family was a personal recipient of such generosity. That place saved my life while the doctors saved my Allison." From the Gross family in Kansas.

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