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The Benefits of EurAupair Au Pair Programs

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Benefits of EurAupair Au Pair Programs

Hosting an au pair provides countless benefits to children. Our program option allows them to interact with someone from a foreign country on a daily basis, opening their eyes to the greater world around them. They’ll learn about small things that are different on other continents, such as the metric system or driving on the other side of the street. 

Children will have the chance to learn about new languages and cultures. They’ll also see that many things about our two cultures are the same. Children benefit from this rich cross-cultural experience for years to come.

Have you ever thought about hosting an au pair? If you have one or more children and are looking for a reliable, affordable form of childcare, becoming an au pair host family could be an option. There are requirements for families in the United States who open their homes to these citizens of other nations who are eager for a life-changing year abroad.

At EurAupair, we can help walk you through the process of bringing an au pair into your home.


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Three Decades of Experience With Au Pair Host Families

As one of the top USA au pair programs, we have placed thousands of caregivers in the United States over the years. We can answer any questions you might have, such as “How do I apply to host an au pair?” and “What are the au pair host family requirements in the United States?”

By working with a government-designated au pair agency, you can rest assured we’ll find the best fit for your family with reasonable program fees. We can help you find an au pair who fits your family’s lifestyle, needs and schedule with a dedicated community counselor. We believe a personal touch goes a long way toward ensuring you have a wonderful experience when you host an au pair.

How Do I Host an Au Pair in the United States?

American families need to choose a designated au pair agency, and you can trust EurAupair to be one of the top au pair programs: we have 30 years of experience in this area. We know what you need to do to work within the guidelines laid out by the Department of State, which has designated EurAupair as a visitor exchange program sponsor. We’re also one of the few nonprofit au pair programs, which means we’re truly working for you and your best interests.

So why choose EurAupair ?

Benefits of Hosting: Security & Stability

Your EurAupair au pair will live in your home as a family member, which allows your children to play and learn in the comfortable, familiar surroundings of your own home and neighborhood. And your children will have the security of a new family member who can devote full attention to them - someone who knows their daily routines and unique personalities and enjoys participating in their daily growth and development. Welcoming your au pair into your home is a safe and secure process with our help.

Flexibility & Convenience: Au Pair Hours Per Week

You and your au pair can schedule her child care duties over 5½ days a week and up to 10 hours per day in any way that is convenient for you. In addition, au pairs are there to help when an unexpected event (such as a sick child or a late meeting) demands it. If you have school-age children, the au pair's schedule can be easily arranged around their school breaks.

Care Options: Meeting Individual Needs

An au pair is not just a babysitter, but a "big sister" from an exciting faraway land. Au pairs share the family routine and light housework such as making the kids' beds or helping them straighten their rooms. By instructing preschoolers through reading, playing games, and taking them for walks and outings to the park, they give your children the full attention they deserve.

Host an Au Pair and Give Your Family the Advantage

The final decision in selecting an au pair is always yours, but we do our best to help you make the decision an easy one:

Frequently Asked Questions

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If you have more questions about costs of hosting or to learn how to become a host family call us at 1-800-333-3804.

Au Pair vs Nanny vs Day Care

Au pairNannyDay Care
CostRoughly $386/week. Per family, not per child!Average $700/week. Cost depends on number of children, geographic region, etcAverage $900/week. Cost depends on number of children, geographic region, etc
FlexibilityCreate your own child care schedule: Au pair is available during sick/snow days and emergency situationsLack of night or weekend coverageInflexible schedules, set hours; no child care when children are sick
Cultural ExchangeHost family learns about au pair's culture, home country and languageVariesVaries. Family is most likely not exposed to different culture
Assistance with Household ChoresHelp with childrens' laundry, meal preparation, tidying childrens' roomsHousehold chores may be included in nanny's duties for additional feesNO
Year-long SupportOngoing support through local community Counselor & 24/7 emergency phone serviceNONO

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