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"Our family was blessed to host an au pair for 5 years with 4 different au pairs. We had nothing but wonderful experiences. We are still close with each of the girls and consider them as part of our extended family. I have met all their family members via Skype or in person. Three of them were from Thailand and one from Italy. My children were 6 months and 4 years old when we started now they are 6 and 11. Before our au pairs ended their year, we took them to get their photos taken with the kids so my kids would always remember how blessed our family was to have experienced the care and love from the girls that cared for them daily. 

Two years ago, we flew one of our girls from Canada back to our home to spend the holiday with her. Our first au pair was with a family in WI where things didn't work out - a true blessing for our family. Not all matches can have great experiences unless both parties have realistic expectations and understands what the program is truly about. 

My second au pair ended up getting married to a man she fell in love with and is now a mommy today. We now consider ourselves grandparents and love that little boy like he was ours. We try to spend our holidays together each year and make time to get together as much as we can.

My girl in Italy had her father and family visit for a few days and went on a two week vacation around the states (our families are bonded for life). My last au pair is back in Thailand traveling the world for a while and is now teaching Chinese in her home country. We truly can call each and every one of these girls part of our family.

I think we can always look at the worst in any situation but life happens and its important to be compassionate and caring. I could not imagine my life without the support and help our family received from the girls not to mention the benefit of having someone home to watch my children, help them with homework, play with them, create a life time of memories, and the other miscellaneous things they do that make a huge difference when coming home from a long day of work. 

I would do this again if my kids would just stay little forever. :)

I would strongly recommend EurAupair and talking to a few people before not considering this company. Like everyone starting off, its a learning curve to have someone live with your family but the benefit by far out weighs anything I have encountered."

- The Callahan Family from Illinois


"We are on our second au pair….we love our first au pair and she will have a special place in our heart forever. After placement was confirmed with our second au pair, our email was flooded with information and letters about “the second au pair.” This almost felt like the “middle child” syndrome people always discuss. Caroline arrived and we instantly fell in love AGAIN!

Caroline has been an enormous help to us and a very important part of our family. She is always there when we need her and we cannot imagine our lives without Caroline. She truly enjoys playing with our kids and it is apparent she does not think of this as a job but learning about American children and an American family. Other people who do not have au pairs do not understand the importance of having someone live in your home to be a part of your family and take care of your children. We cannot imagine our life without an au pair and love the ease of child care and having a big sister around."

- The Collins Family from Wisconsin.


"Our son knows that his family is growing and he now has 3 big sisters. The way we see it is that he has three more people in his life that genuinely care about helping him realize his full potential and love him. In the same vain, Steve and I feel extremely fortunate to have been able to grow our family with some amazing women, learning from them, grow with them, and ultimately enrich our lives."

- The Szabo Family from California.


"I tell other families about how in the morning, I am able to just get myself ready for work and leave - giving kisses to the kids. The au pair is already making their lunches, feeding the kids breakfast, getting them dressed, etc. When I get home from work, the house is tidy, the kids' homework is finished and they are playing happily."

The Kennedy family from Colorado

“EurAupair has been a wonderful agency, they've been very reliable and they've always been there when we needed extra help or had any questions. The application and all the information they have about the au pairs is very informational; and it's really nice that they take care of the background checks and all that so from a safety standpoint we don't have to think much about it. We have a lot going on, we both work full time, and used a day care for many years but it got complicated. Having an au pair just helps us out to enjoy our family more!"

The Hummel family from Virginia

“From the moment Anna came into our lives, life has not skipped a beat.  Everything fell into place just as if she had always been a member of our family. To be honest, I was nervous and apprehensive about hosting an au pair and whether a young person would be able to handle four toddlers everyday. At that time, not many people could even babysit four toddlers. When Anna arrived in 2012, for her first au pair year, our triplets were 2.5 and our oldest was 4.5. Anna quickly became an important part of our life, and proved that she not only had what it took to care for my children but the confidence and sense of security I so desperately needed to feel from our au pair.”

The Valero family from Massachusetts

“I recommend EurAupair very frequently. It is the most flexible solution to day care requirements, it allows kids to stay at home while they are young and there is always someone at home when they return from school as they grow older. As a working mother, with a working husband, I cannot think of a better solution.”

The Haas family from Minnesota 


“We are a busy family with 3 young children in Virginia, very close to Washington DC. We have hosted 4 au pairs and are truly enjoying getting to know our fourth au pair at this time. My family is built on cultural exchange, as my mother was an exchange student from Luxembourg to Michigan, and my father was an exchange student from Michigan to Germany. So the cultural exchange, language learning and incorporating an international person into our family is at the heart of our interest, in addition to the child care we so desperately need at this preschool age. 

It has been a good experience. I think one of the best parts of the EurAupair experience, for us, has been the support and companionship of our Community Counselor – Kelley. She is a busy mom of twins, and she also is a Host Mom. She is unbelievably available to au pairs, and host families alike. She is truly an advocate for the system.  She helps au pairs to get the support they need, offers fun activities on a regular basis, is a sounding board to us all, helps us find info and is cheerful all-the-while!!! I have leaned on her for schedule changes, for document replacement, for emotional understanding, etc… Kelley never lets me down.

EurAupair is a helpful, organized, and supportive organization. I recommend them often to others and I will continue to do so. I hope you too will join EurAupair and have the experience of a lifetime!"

The Thomas family from Virginia

“On her first Monday, our then-2-year-old Marina welcomed Charlotte by having vomited in the night. As a nurse, Charlotte was completely nonplussed by the event; any other au pair might have been very turned off by such a greeting!

In the limited space in her suitcase, she had brought child development books – not just the one from the agency, but also one from home. She had also brought lots of post-it notes for writing reminders to herself. The credit for potty training Marina goes largely to Charlotte. She read her books, one of ours, and took more out from the library – for herself and for Marina to get acquainted with the idea.

One time, Marina poured water into a bowl of apple sauce. Instead of getting angry, Charlotte realized that she had been singing the French ad for apple sauce in a pouch (the squeezy kind); the commercial’s rhyme had included a reference to eating “apple sauce under water.” Marina had made the apple sauce be under water – literally. Charlotte understood the connection Marina had made rather than getting angry about it."

The Sucosky family from Indiana

“Our family had the pleasure of hosting Charleen Ament from Germany this year. She has become a trusted friend to our family.

The bond between my daughter & Charleen is truly special. Charleen is responsible for our two-year old daughter, Caroline, during our work hours. Our daughter is well-cared for, and Charleen keeps busy with playtime, preparing Caroline's meals, and diaper changes. It can be demanding caring for a toddler, but she shows great energy & enthusiasm for her job everyday. She is very interactive with Caroline whether they are reading books, swimming in the pool, or playing at the beach you can be sure they are smiling.

Charleen was our first au pair, and the experience for our family was wonderful. We are looking forward to meeting our new au pair, but know that Charleen will forever be a friend & part of our extended family.

The Rainey family from Texas

“Being a dual military family is tough, especially with children involved. Due to expect our second bundle of joy, we decided that the best child care option that seemed to best fit our lifestyle was to try to find an au pair. We knew of a few military families that had au pairs and had great experiences. As foreign as the concept seemed to us, we were willing (yet very hesitant) to try out the au pair option and prayed every day that it was the right choice for our family.

However after watching Lara’s video we knew that she was the perfect match for our family and an answer to our prayers from. Lara immediately fit into our family and adapted to our hectic lifestyle. From day one she was always more than flexible with her hours, adjusting them to our crazy and unpredictable work schedules.

We don’t know how Lara did it, but she was amazing at time management. One of our biggest concerns was being able to spend quality time with the boys without having to worry about cleaning up after the boys, cooking, or doing other random chores around the house during our free time. We would come home to two happy boys and a clean house, which enabled us to really focus on the boys when we got home from work. She even forced us to go on dates so we could enjoy adult time and keep our relationship healthy as well!"

The West family from Georgia

“Laura has seamlessly entered our family. We sit down for dinner all together when we can and Laura, my husband and myself are laughing about some joke and the kids look at us like we are crazy (well we are a little, but just when trying to have fun).

Her presence in the house has already increased both of my children's use of Spanish. They go to a Spanish school (we are native English speakers) and the small amount of reading and speaking she provides we have seen wonderful improvements.

We have fun together. She has wonderful friends. She is ambitious and has goals for her life, we appreciate it that she models those goals to our children. She is compassionate. When things are hard with illness or medical issues, she works with the kids and even with me to support us. Even if it means a change of plans.

Thank you for bringing Laura into our lives!"

The Chalom family from Illinois

"We love our au pair. She is phenomenal with the kids and you can see how they grew fond of each other and it is beautiful to watch! We just came back from an awesome Florida summer vacation and the kids said that it was the best one yet since Julia was with us ;-) I also feel Julia is feeling more and more part of the family and taking in more responsibility freely and growing as a mature woman in her journey with us here in Colorado."

The Yared family from Colorado


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