Host Family Qualifications to Host an Au Pair  Host Family Qualifications to Host an Au Pair  Host Family Qualifications to Host an Au Pair  Host Family Qualifications to Host an Au Pair Apply **APPLY FOR FREE**
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Host Family Qualifications to Host an Au Pair

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Are you interested in finding au au pair for your family? Hosting an au pair can be an enriching experience for you, your family and the person you host. You should make sure you meet these host family requirements.

To host an au pair, families must:

  • Be parents / legal guardians (couples or single parents) with their children living at home. (Au pairs cannot care for infants under three months old nor children older than 15 years old)
  • Be U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents with host parents/ guardians who are fluent in English.
  • Accept that the au pair providing au pair care is an exchange program participant. Although the au pair will assist in the care of your children, she must be accepted as a full member of the family and be included in family meals, outings and activities. 

In addition to adhering to these host family qualifications, we also have requirements for what you must do once the au pair arrives.

Provide the au pair:

  • A separate and adequately furnished bedroom.
  • A child care schedule not exceeding 45 hours per week and 10 hours per day.
  • Agree to one complete weekend free per month for the au pair (Friday night through Monday morning) and a minimum of 1½ consecutive days per week free for the remainder of the month (1 day and night falling on Friday, Saturday or Sunday).
  • Two weeks of paid vacation, the timing to be mutually agreed upon in advance between the family and the au pair.
  • $195.75* per week pocket money (may not be prorated depending upon the number of hours of child care provided.)
  • Tuition or fees up to $500 over the year and ensure that the au pair completes at least 6-credit hours of educational instruction.

    * Au pair minimum weekly pocket money amount is established by regulations promulgated by the U.S. Department of State in conformance with the Fair Labor Standards Act and is subject to change.

Application Checklist:

  • Complete the EurAupair Host Family Application Form
  • Submit two (2) completed Reference Forms (1 personal character and 1 employment) online.
  • Complete a Host Family Agreement during the home interview.

The selection process & the program year:

  • Be interviewed by the Community Counselor.
  • Personally interview the au pair by telephone prior to making a final selection.
  • Attend an orientation meeting prior to the au pair's arrival. This orientation explains the emergency and support services, insurance coverage, and provides practical and helpful guidance on helping the au pair adjust to your family.
  • Familiarize the au pair with your children and family routines. An adult must be available at home for the first 3 days after the au pair arrives in order to facilitate this transition.


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