Time with the family

“This year is my second year. I thought I already had wonderful memories, but this year, they are getting better and better.  A trip to Colorado, Boundarie Waters and my family's activities during summer are the best so far. I want to mention too, that I had a huge support from my counselor this year. I was missing home, and a little upset and she helped me more than I imagine. I will never forget that.”

- Barbara Santos from Brazil with the Slominski family in Wisconsin 

"Do you not like peanut butter Tami?"
"No I do not like it!"
"Then you are not English!!!"
"You mean American?"
"Oh, yes...but I still love you"

Tamara Kartheininger from Germany with the Shimek family in Illinois

“There are so many memories and i hope it will become a lot more! I love my au pair year and my host family.”

Melina Wissel from Germany with the Focke family in North Carolina 

“I can't point out a favorite memory, there are so many for example going Ski with the family, spending time in Hawaii etc. but I also love go to school, the teachers are awesome and the atmosphere in the class is super:)Just love it! I spend 2 weeks in Hawaii with my host family; I am so glad that I made this experience...lot of fun.”

Monika Littwin from Germany with the Ausland family in Oregon 

“There are so many memories, I'll never forget. I can't write them all down. BUT I always love it when my kids tell me that they love me. The cutest thing is when my 3yrs old tells me: You are my best friend! So many things - and it can be just some small words - make my year unforgettable and confirm that I do the right thing!”

Birgit Bausch from Germany with the Martin family in Virginia 

“Every day in this family and area is a great memory! Especially today was a wonderful memory, because it was my birthday and I had such a great day with my family!”

Tabea Caspar from Germany with the Olson family in Maine  

““Being with my host family without power during Sandy, we had candle light dinner and talked a lot but being in vacation with them was even better!”

Monika Littwin from Germany with the Ausland family in Oregon 

“My favorite memory so far is our summer vacation at the cottage. My host family and me were having so much fun with water skiing and inner tubing.”

Alina Schaefer from Germany with the Otersen family in New Jersey 

“There is a "Special Needs Day' near our place, it's organized by another family who have also an Au pair and they always need volunteers. I took part in May and one is coming up in October. It's a great experience!!My favorite memory thus far is the trip with my Host family to London to see the Olympics!

Kristin Barnefeld from Germany with the Rickles family in New Jersey 


Au Pair

“A good workshop program,  a great team of counselors,  the newsletter and a great contact for HQ in Laguna. I had a great time. The people EurAupair were always available. It is the best way to discover a new culture while living with a family that takes care of you.”

- Sarah Djoudi from France with the Sauvage family in Texas 

“I would recommend the organization, because all in all it is a very organized program. The fees are low and compared to other organizations you have a lower rate in becoming rematched, which means they have a good selection of families. The organization cares about your problems. If you have any question, just give them a call or write an email and they will respond you fast. They are very helpful and try their best to solve your problems. I had just great experiences with EurAupair and therefore I think it would be the best organization to pick for becoming an Au pair.”

Birgit Bausch from Germany with the Martin Family in Virginia

“I only made good experiences with the EurAupair program. I would absolutely recommend this organisation (actually I already did this a few times. Not only future Au Pairs but also future host families).”

Lena Pauling from Germany with the Glenn family in Maryland

“I learned so much about being a part of a new family, about cooking, about raising kids, about the people in that country and their values. I can only recommend it. Even when there are hard times, push through them and you'll be rewarded!”

Elisabeth Schmitz from Germany with the Defrancesco family in Florida 

“It can be hard sometimes but at the end you don't regret it, it's a unique experience where you learn a lot about a new country but also about yourself.”

Julie Chaillou from France with the Escorio family in Maryland 

“Every day in this family and area is a great memory! Especially today was a wonderful memory, because it was my birthday and I had such a great day with my family!”

Tabea Caspar from Germany with the Rueter family in Maine

“My whole 7 month are the best in my life so far. My community counselor is the best. The meetings are always fun and we are doing every time something else.”

Francesca Janz from Germany with the Wadlington family in Massachusetts


Host Family

"Our family was blessed to host an aupair for 5 years with 4 different aupairs. We had nothing but a wonderful experiences. We are still close with each of the girls and consider them as part of our extended family. I have met all their family members via Skype or in person. Three of them where from Thailand and one from Italy. My children were 6 months and 4 years old when we started now they are 6 and 11. Before our aupair ended her year we took them to get their photos taken with the kids so my kids would always remember how blessed our family was to have experienced the care and love from the girls that cared for them daily. 

Two years, we flew one of our girls from Canada back to our home to spend the holiday with her. Our first aupair was with a family in WI were things didn't work out - a true blessing for our family. Not all matches can have great experiences unless both parties have realistic expectations and understands what the program is truly about. 

My second aupair girl ended up getting married to a man she fell in love with and is now a mommy today. We now consider ourselves grandparents and love that little boy like he was ours. We try to spend our holidays together each year and make time to get together a much as we can.

My girl in Italy had her father and family visit for a few days and went on a two week vacation around the states (our families are bonded for life). My last aupair is back in Thailand traveling the world for a while and is now teaching Chinese in her home country. We truly can call each and everyone of these girls part of our family.

I think we can always look at the worse in any situation but life happens and its important to be compassionate and caring. I could not imagine my life without the support and help our family received from the girls not to mention the benefit of having someone home to watch my children, help them with homework, play with them, create a life time of memories, and the other misc they do that make a huge difference when coming home from a long day of work. 

I would do this again if my kids would just stay little forever. :)

I would strongly recommend Eur Au Pair and talking to a few people before not considering this company. Like everyone starting off its a learning curve to have someone live with your family but the benefit by far out weights anything I have encountered."

- The Callahan Family in Illinois


“We love the simple and personalized ways that Berta connects with our children.  She high fives our 9 year old son, sits with him to play computer games and sends him emails when she's away.  Berta lovingly washes the knee of our little kindergarten girl when she falls, and then encourages her to try again.  Berta wraps her arms around the baby and squeezes her with glee until they are both laughing so hard they get the hiccups!  It's the simple things we remember the most...Berta running with the baby in her arms out the front door so that they can both wave good-bye (again) as I pull out of the garage on my way to work in the morning. Berta is so special...I can't bear to think of her leaving!”

The DeMartino family from Virginia


“A great experience.  Cost effective and life altering compared to day care.”

The Beck family from Illinois

“Works great in a family like ours, we had our first date nights since having kids, and I like EurAupair’s care - much better than what we saw other local au pairs / families receive.”

The Fiedler-Phelps family from Washington

“We are a repeat family and are happy with the program! It makes our lives so much more flexible and the kids enjoy having someone living here in the house with them!”

The Metzner family from Washington DC

“It works great for my life and complicated schedule. I also feel like my kids are well taken care of.”

- The Bibee family from Maryland

“The au pair program is a great opportunity for a cultural exchange while providing flexible childcare.  It appears that EurAupair preps the au pairs on what to expect for the next year and good training.”

The Kim family from Illinois

“We've already recommended it to others!  Great and fun solution to child care needs!”

The Koenig family from Minnesota


“Very professional organization.  Website is easy to navigate.  Au pairs are very high quality (ours and her friends we have met).

The Rekoke family from Illinois 

“I recommend EurAupair very frequently. It is the most flexible solution to day care requirements, it allows kids to stay at home while they are young and there is always someone at home when they return from school as they grow older. As a working mother, with a working husband, I cannot think of a better solution.”

The Haas family from Minnesota 






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