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Looking for an Au Pair in Pennsylvania?

With over 30 years of experience, EurAupair was one of the first au pair programs to become designated by the U.S. Department of State to legally sponsor au pairs to come to the United States, and has placed tens of thousands of au pairs across the country including in Pennsylvania.

As EurAupair follows strict regulations, your family will be choosing an au pair from among the most qualified au pair candidates, and you can be assured that your au pair will arrive with all the proper legal visa documentation. Learn more about what makes EurAupair the best au pair agency for your family.

Local Support from EurAupair Community Counselors

Following the receipt of your application form, a local EurAupair Community Counselor from Pennsylvania will be assigned to your family. The EurAupair Community Counselor is available to answer any questions and provide assistance to both you and your au pair throughout your year together. One of the first responsibilities of your EurAupair Community Counselor is to arrange a convenient time for an interview in your home, to meet you and your family. During the interview, you will assist the EurAupair Community Counselor in completing a Host Family Profile which will be utilized in the placement process. Upon review of your application form, Host Family Profile and positive personal reference forms, your EurAupair Community Counselor will consult in your selection of a qualified, caring au pair. The final choice is always yours, as you will know who best suits your family structure and immediate needs.

EurAupair in Pennsylvania

You may find below some local information about a few of the areas in Pennsylvania where EurAupair is present. If you would like to know if we currently serve your area please contact us to find out!

"This past year was a difficult transition for our family:  my husband had to take a demanding new job out of state just as we were expecting our fourth child. For most of the year, I had to be on my own with the children, possibly have a baby by myself, sell the house and move across the country. Not having extended family support, the task was absolutely daunting. Thankfully, when Alicia joined us, I knew I could count on her to keep the house running and to adhere to our busy schedule. As an au pair, she did everything for the children, from feeding and bathing the little ones to driving the older children to activities. In addition to that, I felt personally supported by Alicia during my confinement. She is a great cook, and having wonderful homemade meals like paella and Spanish omelette, no doubt, helped me recover quickly. When it was time to stage the house for the sale and pack it up for the move, Alicia went an extra mile to help and was flexible when plans changed suddenly. Finally, the drive to our new residence took 3 days, and included such highlights as baby and toddler crying for 1 hour straight while I drove at 60 mph hemmed in by trucks and construction, without being able to stop. Now that it is behind us, I have to say with confidence that there is NO WAY that we could have done it all without Alicia.

In October, Alicia honored us by becoming a godmother for our youngest child. This signifies a life-long connection, and we celebrated it with joy. I felt even more overwhelmed with emotions when Alicia expressed that she always will be there for our children should something happen to my husband and me. There is no greater balm on a parent’s soul than seeing your children truly cherished by someone else. On my end, I will also always support Alicia in her endeavors."

- From the Napolitano family in Leetsdale, PA.


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