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How An Au Pair Fits Into Routines

children cookingAs an au pair, it’s a good idea to find a comfortable routine when living with your host family. Doing so will streamline your daily activities and make it easier for you to handle your responsibilities. Au pairs play a big part in their family’s experience and so the first step to figuring out the perfect routine is finding out what works best with the family.Do the children get up earlier and go to sleep later? If so, it’s best to create a routine around their sleeping schedule to prepare their meals around that time.

Is there something that the children like to eat in particular? Find out what their favorite meal is (while also making sure there are healthy additions of fruits and vegetables) and make that a part of their regular meal plan. Of course, the occasional surprise meal is always encouraged to broaden their horizons. So make it a point once a week to veer from the daily routine and try something new! Note: Make sure to avoid any foods they may be allergic to and to confirm with their parents beforehand. After cleaning up for dinner or before going to bed, it’s a good idea to prepare breakfast for the little ones. This way you can save time in the morning and focus on getting them dressed and prepared for school or a family outing. Also make sure to pack their lunches the night before in case you are in a rush.With that in mind, if you are responsible for making sure the children make it to school on time, be prepared to be there 10 minutes earlier in case they are let out of class early.

Use this same rule if you are also responsible for bringing them to any extracurricular activities and picking them up.The au pair experience is an unforgettable one and making sure you have a daily routine will make things run seamlessly so that you can enjoy the company of your family. Having a routine will also enable you to plan your free time more easily and is a great way to help you schedule any independent excursions in your new city. There are countless possibilities and opportunities for au pairs to experience and your stay abroad should be as enjoyable as possible. So make sure to find a routine that fits right in step with both your family and you.

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