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Looking for an Au Pair in Houston, Texas?



With over 30 years of experience, EurAupair was one of the first au pair programs to become designated by the U. S. Department of State to legally sponsor au pairs to come to the United States, and has placed tens of thousands of au pairs across the country including in the Houston area. Some of the cities covered include Cypress, League City, Pasadena, or Spring.

EurAupair is an affordable child care option, making it a real value for such flexible, loving, in-home care. And, unlike other forms of child care, the fee is for children of all ages, and per family - not per child.

The Benefits of Finding Au Pairs in Houston, Texas for Your Child Care Needs

Hosting an au pair in your home provides a unique way to connect with a person from another culture, which will help your children in so many ways. They can ask questions about what it’s like to live in another country. They can learn about traditions different from their own, opening their eyes to the world beyond their front door. They can even learn a foreign language if you like.

You also get huge dividends from adding an au pair to your family. This type of child care has much more flexibility than day care or a traditional babysitter. Your au pair can work according to your schedule. That means no more trying to tailor your work hours to a day care’s narrow definition of the workday. You will feel less stressed and enjoy your time with your kids more when you don’t have to worry about picking them up by a certain time.

Why EurAuPair Is the Right Au Pair Agency for You in Houston, Texas

We offer many advantages over the competition. We are flexible, accessible and responsible. One of our strengths is our deep well of experience — with three decades behind us of pairing families with au pairs we know will complement them and enhance their lives.

We firmly believe frequent and open communication sets the tone for a great au pair experience. You can talk directly with us about anything, and we will give you the personal service you deserve. We also give occasional discounts that can save you money and offer referrals when requested.

Local Support from EurAupair Community Counselors

Following the receipt of your application form, a local Community Counselor from the Houston area will be assigned to your family. The Community Counselor is available to answer any questions and provide assistance to both you and your au pair throughout your year together.

“Throughout the many small towns that are spread throughout the Texas panhandle, Au Pairs are able to take in multiple cultural events that offer music, theater, and food.” from Community Counselor Kinzie Robins.

Some examples of monthly au pair meetings in the area include: Brazos Valley Fair and Rodeo, Texas Renaissance Festival, Rodeos, Dinner get-togethers, and more!

Education for your Au Pair

U.S. government regulations require that au pairs be provided with opportunities for cultural and educational enrichment. Au pairs must complete 6 units of academic coursework at an accredited, post-secondary institution.

Families may suggest places for their au pairs to study. You may also want to answer questions your au pair has about the culture and expectations of local colleges to help her narrow down choices. Whatever she picks, ensure she has enough time to tend to your children and to her studies. Here are some institutions in the area your au pair may consider:

Local Activities for your Au Pair and your Child(ren)

One of the best things about having an au pair in your home is she can take your kids on outings they would not get at a day care or with a younger babysitter. You can feel secure heading off to work knowing your children will spend the day exploring Houston, learning new things and having fun at the same time. Your au pair will also get to experience the magic of Texas, learning more about her adopted state.

One thing you will need to figure out before these outings begin is the type of transportation your au pair and the children will use. If she has access to a car, make sure she feels comfortable driving in an urban environment before heading into the city. Otherwise, encourage her to use public transportation with the kids. Some fun destinations to suggest include:

Transportation Information

Useful Information for your Au Pair



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