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Looking for an Au Pair in Corona, California?

With over 30 years of experience, EurAupair was one of the first au pair programs to become designated by the U. S. Department of State to legally sponsor au pairs to come to the United States, and has placed tens of thousands of au pairs across the country including in the Corona/Riverside area.

EurAupair is an affordable child care option, making it a real value for such flexible, loving, in-home care. And, unlike other forms of child care, the fee is for children of all ages, and per family - not per child.

Local Support from EurAupair Community Counselors

Following the receipt of your application form, a local Community Counselor from the Corona/Riverside area will be assigned to your family. The Community Counselor is available to answer any questions and provide assistance to both you and your au pair throughout your year together.

"Being a Community Counselor has always been an enriching experience for me—especially on a cultural level. After I was an au pair myself with EurAupair at the age of 18, I have also worked for the German EurAupair agency and had the wonderful opportunity to get to know both perspectives. This particularly helped me when I became a Community Counselor for the Riverside/Corona area in Southern California—understanding both sides. The diversity of families and au pairs is often times a challenge that has an enormous impact on the host family’s life, their kids, the au pair, as well as the Community Counselor who becomes an intercultural mediator and learns so much about a variety of cultural heritage, identity, and lifestyles. As a PhD student in Cultural Studies and Education I really appreciate being a counselor in such a cross-cultural setting because it is a way to interact with people across all age groups, across all cultures, and to turn my abstract theoretical frameworks into (practical) action in “real life.” Thanks to EurAupair across the world for not only inspiring au pairs but also Community Counselors." from Community Counselor Diana Labisch.

Some examples of monthly au pair meetings in the area include: Glen Ivy Hot Springs, Tom's Farms, The Shops at Dos Lagos, Heritage Park and Museum, Botanic Gardens, shopping, meeting for coffee.

Education for your Au Pair

U.S. government regulations require that au pairs be provided with opportunities for cultural and educational enrichment. Au pairs must complete 6 units of academic coursework at an accredited, post-secondary institution.

Here are some institutions in the area your au pair may consider:

Local Activities for your Au Pair and your Child(ren)

Transportation Information

Useful Information for your Au Pair



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