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Former Au Pair and Community Counselor Laetitia Mouton’s Story

Baseball…the great American pastime! Every au pair in the USA has their little, or huge, bucket list! As a former au pair, I have a clear idea of what kind of activities au pairs are excited about. Playing baseball is definitely on most bucket lists. It’s a typical activity and can be very exciting to discover while in America.

Americans love baseball. We saw baseball everywhere, and Americans support baseball as much as we support soccer in other countries. They are crazy about baseball! So, it was time for the EurAupair au pairs to play this game at Tampa’s August meeting.

The group showed up very excited and determined to play ball on August 28th. While enjoying some popcorn and conversation, we were getting ready for a fun afternoon. It seems so easy when we see other people playing baseball. We all took turns trying to play like Derek Jeter - a famous Yankee player - but that Sunday, it was a different story…

Bats in hand, and helmets on, we got in position and focused on the ball coming toward us. We tried to hit the ball, and tried, and tried… It is really not easy! And when we hit the ball with the bat, all the vibrations from the hit came back to our hands, and went all through our body. Ouch! We were all very surprised by the pain in our hands, and now it’s clear why baseball players wear gloves when they bat. 

We had such a good time! A lot of pictures / videos were taken, and a lot of laughs were shared. The girls bonded and created a solid link by discovering another aspect of the American culture together. Cheers to another exceptional adventure of being an Au pair in the USA! 

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