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EurAupair Announces Important Information for Families Who Wish to Host an Au Pair in America


EurAupair is sharing information and facts regarding au pairs that potential host families should know.

USA - April, 2016 - EurAupair, a United States government designated cultural exchange program sponsor, is discussing the most common questions and facts about their au pairs in America; which includes information regarding home country, languages, experience, age, driving backgrounds, and more.

An au pair is a young person from a foreign country who wishes to become part of an American family while caring for their children. The au pair program is a cultural exchange program as au pairs learn about the American culture through their host families and by living in the country and sharing their own culture with their host families. Au pairs are, per Department of State regulation, 18 to 26 years of age, with experience caring for children (although not professional or extensively), and hold a driver’s license from their home country.

EurAupair has brought and is bringing au pairs from 25 countries; the top countries being Germany, France, and South Africa. All EurAupair au pairs are English proficient (most as a second language) and share the common goal of improving their English skills during their year-long stay in America.

Potential au pairs undergo extensive screening prior to coming to America. EurAupair's screening process includes a comprehensive application, reference checks, and a personal interview. Au pairs must pass a criminal background check, as well as a psychometric test before being admitted to the program. EurAupair has a large pool or applicants awaiting a chance at becoming an au pair in America. New au pairs arrive each month of the year (except December) for the host families’ convenience.

For families who want to know more about au pairs or how to host an au pair in America, additional information can be found on EurAupair's website or families can contact EurAupair directly.

About EurAupair:

As a United States designated cultural exchange sponsor, EurAupair is dedicated to helping young people from around the globe develop a deeper cultural awareness through inclusion in an American family while the au pair assists with child care.

For more information, please visit or call (800) 333-3804.

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