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How Community Counselors for an Au Pair Agency Can Give Back

EurAupair has announced some of the contributions from their community counselors and au pairs for the 2016 National Month of Giving.

USA - May 2016 - EurAupair is pleased to announce some of the ways community counselors for their aupair agency have given back to the community during EurAupair's 2016 Month of Giving. Across the country, community counselors and their au pairs came together to give back to their communities through volunteering. Common volunteer opportunities included:

  • Food Pantries 
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Animal Shelters
  • Ronald McDonald House 
  • Good Deeds Day 
  • And More!

While EurAupair is proud of all their community counselors and au pairs for their contributions to the 2016 Month of Giving, a few stood out. In Indiana, Community Counselor Darcy Voreis, along with her au pairs April from China, Carmen from South Africa, and Sarah from Sweden, were humbled when they toured the local Ronald McDonald House in Indianapolis. There, the group donated food for the families who stay at the Ronald McDonald House near Riley Hospital for Children.

On April 10, 2016, New York held a "Do Good Deeds" event in Herald Square, which Community Counselor Niki Borofsky and her au pairs, Anna and Rebecka, attended.

In Tampa, Florida, Community Counselor Nadine Loeffler and her au pair Ailean, volunteered at the Trinity Cafe, a local restaurant for the poor and homeless. While at Trinity, Nadine and Ailean engaged those who came to eat, and had a great time helping the community.

Community Counselor Anne Krohn, along with her au pairs, gave back to their community in Washington, DC, by feeding the homeless. Additionally, Virginia based Community Counselor Kelley Land, and her au pairs, made blankets for their local animal shelter.

To learn more about how community counselors for an au pair agency can give back to their communities, please contact EurAupair today. About EurAupair

EurAupair is a United States designated cultural exchange program sponsor dedicated to helping young women expand on their cultural knowledge, while living as part of an American Family.

For more information on how community counselors for an aupair agency can help a community, please call 1 (800) 333-3804 or visit

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