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EurAupair Announces Multiple Enrichment Opportunities for the Au Pair in America

EurAupair has announced multiple opportunities for the community counselor to enrich the cultural experience of their au pairs in America. These opportunities include volunteering, enjoying local festivals, and participating in All-American activities.

USA - December, 2015 - EurAupair, an exchange visitor sponsor, has announced opportunities for their community counselors to provide enriching cultural experiences for their au pairs in America, while helping those in their communities. Through volunteering, inclusion in local festivals and events, and other "All-American" activities, au pairs will develop a deeper understanding of the American culture, while enjoying the rewards of community service.

Volunteering is one way to provide an au pair with a rewarding and educational experience; something German au pairs, Melissa and Beyza, discovered first hand when they and their community counselor, Patricia Vance, volunteered their time at Hope Ministries in South Bend, IN. Other opportunities include visiting local retirement homes, animal shelters, youth programs, and community centers.

Community counselors and au pairs in America are encouraged to take advantage of the many local festivals and events traditionally held during the Holiday season. These events are rich in culture, American tradition, and opportunities to become immersed in the American family life. They are encouraged not only to enjoy these festivals, but to actively participate by volunteering their time.

All American activities, such as visiting corn mazes, apple picking, rollerblading, and more, allow au pairs the dual benefit of expanding their own cultural understanding and additional opportunities to give back to the community. Chicago based Community Counselors, Vicki O'Leary and Ashley Ridgley, had intended this for their au pairs when they visited the County Line Orchard and Corn Maze, Statesville Haunted Prison Halloween event, and the local rollerblading park.

EurAupair is a United States government designated exchange sponsor providing the au pair in America with a safe, legal, and rewarding opportunity to spend a year as part of a family in exchange for child care. They are a non-profit organization founded in 1988 with the goal of improving awareness among different countries through cultural exchange.

To learn more about enriching the cultural experience of au pairs, please contact EurAupair toll free at 1 (800) 333-3804, or visit

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