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EurAupair Announces Openings for Community Counselors Across the United States to Help Make an Au Pair Placement Successful

EurAupair has announced multiple opportunities across the United States to become involved with local area au pair placement, support, and guidance as a community counselor.

USA - September, 2016 - The United States designated cultural exchange sponsor, EurAupair, has announced openings for community counselors across the U.S.A. Community counselors are responsible for aiding the transition of au pair placement within host family homes through counseling, supporting, and educating au pairs and host families throughout the year. 

From interviewing potential host families, to conducting new au pair orientation and setting up culturally-enriching monthly meetings, community counselors at EurAupair enjoy an enriching experience while knowing they are making a big difference in the au pair's year abroad. 

Community counselors have five main responsibilities, which include:

  • Public Relations and Recruitment 
  • Interviewing Potential Host Families 
  • Orienting Host Families and Au Pairs
  • Counseling Host Families and Au Pairs
  • Coordinating Monthly Meetings

Becoming a community counselor offers rich rewards, for example; counselors develop lasting relationships with others within their community as they work to recruit potential host families, and coordinate monthly cultural enrichment activities. Community counselors also grow life long friendships with young people around the world as they work to help transition au pairs into the American family life. 

While EurAupair always welcome new Community Counselors from all across America, they are currently looking to add more counselors in various areas. A complete list of opportunities to become a community counselor is available at:

Those interested in learning more about becoming a community counselor are encouraged to contact EurAupair directly.

About EurAupair

For over 25 years, EurAupair has worked to enhance the cultural understanding among young people from all around the world. As a not-for-profit government designated exchange visitor program sponsor, EurAupair is dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable year in America as part of an American family. 


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