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EurAupair Announces New Community Counselor Trainings

EurAupair has announced multiple Community Counselor training sessions. Recently there were community counselor trainings in Chicago and New York City, with additional trainings in early 2016 for the Virginia/Maryland/DC area.

USA - January, 2016 - EurAupair, a United States designated cultural exchange sponsor, recently held several Community Counselor training sessions led by area coordinators, and regional directors in both New York City and Chicago. EurAupair will hold additional training sessions in the Virginia area during the first quarter of 2016.

EurAupair Community Counselors are trained yearly, with various in person sessions. Area Coordinators around the country are involved with the training, with Regional Directors from the California headquarters occasionally attending sessions as well. Some recent EurAupair trainings in Chicago included eight Community Counselors, one Area Coordinator, and a Regional Director. New York trainings included twenty Community Counselors, three Area Coordinators, and one Regional Directors.

EurAupair will host trainings for twenty Community Counselors, two Area Coordinators, and one Regional Director at the end of January in Virginia, Maryland, and DC. April will see more Community Counselor trainings for various areas.

Individuals who are interested in becoming Community Counselors are occasionally invited to take part in trainings to meet the team, and learn more about the position. If interested, contact the respective Regional Office for your area.

About EurAupair:

EurAupair is a non-profit organization that gives young people from around the world the opportunity to live a year in America while furthering their education, and helping their host families with childcare. EurAupair was founded in 1988 to improve understanding among people of diverse cultures through cultural exchange. Those interested in learning more about how to become a EurAupair community counselor are encouraged to contact the company.

To learn more about enriching the cultural experience of EurAupair au pairs and host families, interested parties please call (800) 333-3804 or visit

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