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USA Au Pair Agency, EurAupair, Announces Their Annual Staff Conference Will Be Held October 7th through to the 16th

EurAupair has announced that their annual staff conference will begin on October 7th, 2016.

USA - September, 2016 – USA au pair agency, EurAupair, has announced that their annual staff meeting will be conducted in the middle of October this year and will include participation of overseas partners as well. The staff conference will be held between October 7th, through to October 16th.

The main goal of the annual meeting is to reflect over the past year, and provide ways to improve across multiple aspects of the cultural exchange program sponsor. Improved screening is just one of the topics under consideration this year. EurAupair's current screening methods will be evaluated and improvements, both for screening potential host families and au pairs, will be considered. 

Other topics up for discussion during the ten-day Staff Conference include:

  • How to better prepare au pairs for their year in America, both prior to and after moving to the country.
  • How to improve on EurAupair's already effective host family and au pair recruitment methods to provide this opportunity to more host families and au pairs in America
  • How to improve overall diversity of nationalities of available au pairs, currently 21 countries participate in the au pair program, and additional countries are under consideration.

While host families and au pairs do not attend the 2016 Annual Staff Conference, any suggestions made throughout the year will be taken into consideration, and updates to any policies will be made available. To learn more about the 2016 annual staff conference, please contact EurAupair directly.

About EurAupair:

EurAupair has spent over 25 years building a reputation as the largest, most trusted au pair agency in the USA. As a not-for-profit and United States government designated program, EurAupair works tirelessly to connect young people from across the globe, while providing a mutually beneficial opportunity for au pairs to study in America in exchange for child care assistance. 

For more information, please visit: or call (949) 494-5500.


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