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Au Pair of the Year 2024




At EurAupair, we believe in recognizing and celebrating the outstanding contributions of our dedicated au pairs. Each year, we host the Au Pair of the Year competition, a heartwarming tradition that allows host families to nominate exceptional au pairs who have gone above and beyond in their roles. The competition not only showcases the incredible talent within our community but also fosters a sense of appreciation for the hard work and dedication of these remarkable individuals.

How we select The Au Pair of The Year

The journey to becoming Au Pair of the Year begins with host families sending in their heartfelt nominations. These nominations highlight the qualities that make their au pairs stand out. After that, we select the top three nominees who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and passion in their roles as au pairs. These finalists are then invited to participate in the next phase of the competition – the essay writing challenge.

2024 Au Pair of The Year Winner

Choosing a winner is never an easy task, however, after careful consideration, we proudly announce the Au Pair of the Year 2024 - Agustina Antuna from Argentina! 

Now, we invite you to read Agustina's essay that beautifully captures the essence of her journey, highlighting the joy, challenges, and transformative moments she's experienced as an au pair. 

Agustina's Essay

"I'm in shock and with tears in my eyes. I just received an email saying that I am nominated by my host family to be THE AU PAIR OF THE YEAR! ✨ I didn't expect it, I can't believe it. This recognition is very rewarding for me, my work, and my love for this family.

I learned about the AU PAIR program from a friend in 2020/2021, yes, in the midst of a pandemic when much couldn't be done, but I did something. I researched, searched, and had interviews with many agencies until one day I found Ale on Instagram (EurAupair representative in Argentina). He gave me all the information I needed. He tells me about other girls' experiences and explaining in detail how to become an Au Pair. But something happened. When I went for the medical check-up, they informed me that I needed treatment, and there I felt that my American dream had ended in that hospital bed. But it wasn't like that. I did everything my doctors recommended, and in 9 months, all my medical tests came out perfect, I could do it! In April 2022, I wrote to Ale - I'm ready! And that's where it all began.

I like the phrase “things happen when they have to happen”. At first, I was very angry and sad about this inconvenience that made this process take a year longer than expected. But when I met the HORNES, I understood that in 2021, I wasn't supposed to be an Au Pair because a beautiful family was waiting for me much later. My destiny was for them and their baby Carter to be my host family. Today, I can say that the delay in my life was a blessing as my experience with them is more than wonderful. ✨

The Hornes became my second family, my American family❤️. Every moment we spend together is an anecdote that often makes me think I'm a Horne. Every day, we practice cultural exchange, whether it's through food, stories, songs, or words from our languages. Sometimes, I feel very American, but they, many times, are more Argentine than me. My hosts love my meat empanadas, and my host kid loves mate and dulce de leche. During the World Cup, the four of us were cheering for the Argentine team as if the United States weren't playing in this World Cup. For me, this tournament was very important, so much so that my host kid had his jersey, and it was my good luck charm for each game. When I wasn't at home to watch the match, my host parents would put the jersey of my country on their son. That gesture was the greatest demonstration of love and commitment to what this program is, a cultural exchange.

But not only they are my second family, but also grandparents, uncles and family friends. Each one of them makes me feel even more Horne because they invite me to their homes, to their important events, or just to sit with them and talk about life, showing interest in my ideals and my culture. They love me, care for me and worry about my well-being. I am very grateful to them because, from day one, they opened the doors of their home and their hearts to me.

But Carter (my host kid) is the owner of my heart ❤️. I arrived here when he was only 5 months old, and I still remember his eyes when he saw me for the first time. He turned my life into a rainbow, where each color represents a moment together. The first time he walked towards me, his first word in English, his first word in Spanish, the first time we played soccer, every time we danced together, when he said my name for the first time. With Carter, every day is different, as he always does something new, whether it's a word, a gesture, or a new skill. Our adventures in the park or our attempts to be Taylor Swift's dancers make these days unique; they are never the same. WE NEVER GET BORED. Every moment we spend together, each stage of his life, being there for him when he needs me or just watching him grow, is a blessing for me.

Carter doesn't know it yet, but he changed my life forever; he makes me a better person and helped me understand that happiness is found in the small moments we share together.

This program made many of my dreams come true. I studied English at a university in the United States, making me feel like I was inside a movie. I traveled extensively across the country, met extraordinary people, and my English improved by 100%!!!

I will be grateful for life to this family, to EurAupair, and to every person who accompanied me in this process. Both my family in Argentina and the friends I made here. Without their unconditional support, perhaps, I wouldn't be living the best experience of my life. Once again, thank you very much!"

With love, Agus❤️

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