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Surviving Snow Days as an Au Pair in America

As an au pair in America, there are many activities you can do with the children on a regular day. However, when the children are stuck at home during the proverbial "Snow Day", how will you survive? Although your options may be limited, continue reading for a few of EurAupair’s top ways to get through snow days.

Warm Up with a Bake Off

One of the top ways to entertain the children on snow days is to warm up with an international bake off. Treat the children to some of your favorite childhood snacks, which give the opportunity to teach them about your heritage.

Build a Living Room Fort

Since children love ditching normal routines, it's a great idea to create a living room fort or an indoor campsite. Simply turn off the lights, grab a few sleeping bags, and sit around and swap stories. You can take it one step further and build forts by using blankets, sheets, and pillows!

Make Magazine Mosaics

Another awesome idea is to make magazine mosaics. Start off with a scavenger hunt to collect several old magazines. Then, help the children cut out various colors from the pages into smaller squares. Next, draw a design on a Styrofoam or paper plate. Finally, use a paintbrush and glue the squares to create colorful mosaic.

Create a Snowman Inside

One of the top qualifications for an au pair in America is creativity, especially on snow days. Instead of freezing outside building snowmen, you can do so in the comfort of the home with marshmallows or cotton balls. Start by drawing an outline of a snowman on construction paper, trace glue on the outside of each circle, and place the marshmallows or cotton balls on the glue. Finally, name the snowman and find materials from around the house to add detail, such as yarn or felt for the scarf.

Read Stories

Another great way for au pairs in America to get through snow days is by reading stories. Either you can let the children pick out their favorite stories, or you can read them one of your favorite childhood stories.

Hide and Seek

On a normal day, most parents would be against playing hide and seek inside. However, since it's a snow day, a game of indoor hide and seek should be okay.

Card and Board Games

Whether it's Life, Monopoly, or a game of Go Fish, board games and card games are excellent ways of passing the time with laughter and fun.

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