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Money Management for Au Pairs

As part of their participation in EurAupair student exchange program, au pairs receive a weekly stipend from their host family to cover any personal expenses while in America. However, without mindful money management this stipend can quickly disappear, leaving you without resources to draw on in the event of an emergency.

The Basics of the Weekly Stipend

Each au pair gets a weekly stipend of at least $195.75 (at time of writing) from their host family, whether you work the full 45 hours weekly as allowed by the program, or less. How the stipend is paid to you will be between you and your host family, and can either be via direct deposit, check or cash. As a reminder, au pairs may not work extra hours for additional money - nor can they work outside of their home, so it is very important to make sure you set aside a portion of your weekly stipend to help cover any unexpected expenses.

The Importance of Mindful Money Management

While it may be tempting to spend your stipend on entertainment, clothing, and electronics, it's very important to set some aside each week to help cover unexpected costs and expenses that may occur during your year in America. These expenses could include:

  • Educational Costs - Host families contribute up to $500 towards your education requirements; however, this may not cover all the costs of tuition, fees, supplies, and books.
  • Medical and Dental Expenses - Medical insurance is provided, but in case of an emergency you may need to have some money saved.
  • Deductibles on Auto Insurance - Should you unfortunately get into a car accident and be found at fault, you will be responsible for up to a $500 deductible.
  • In Case of a Rematch - Should you find yourself in a rematch situation, it is possible that you will not be providing child care for any families for a few weeks, and not earning a stipend.

Saving money is also important for more pleasant situations! As part of your year in America, you will have a full two-week paid vacation. Setting aside money before this time will allow you more freedom to travel the country and explore while on your vacation; this is also true should you choose to travel during your 13th month.

By carefully setting aside a portion of your weekly stipend, you can ensure emergency expenses can be covered, you will be able to meet your educational requirement, and make the most out of your free time in America.

If you have any questions about this please contact your local community counselor. For more information on becoming an au pair, contact EurAupair.

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