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Can My Au Pair Drive?

Can My Au Pair Drive?

One of the most frequent questions people ask us is can our au pairs drive a car? The answer is yes.

EurAupair only accepts applicants who have a driver’s license. We know many families will rely on their au pairs to drive children to and from school, to sporting events or on fun outings. Knowing they have successfully passed a written and behind the wheel test and have experience driving in the home country reassures host families that these au pairs will be able to transport both themselves and children.

Of course, driving in the USA may have some differences from driving in your au pairs home country.

Offer Assistance With U.S. Driving

Before you allow your au pair to drive, assist her in getting a state license and take a few spins with her behind the wheel. Make sure she feels comfortable with your car as well as the driving laws governing your state. Some countries do not drive on the same side of the road as the U.S., and that could be a major change you will need to monitor. Other things to watch for include:

  • Respect the speed limit
  • Do not use mobile phone while driving
  • Proper use of turn signals
  • Checking blind spots before changing lanes
  • Understanding where the headlights and other tools are

Discuss Car Seats

If your child rides in a car seat, talk to your au pair about the importance of using it every time. Show her how to fasten the child in and get them out. Emphasize that it is her job to check the child’s harness every time and not just take their word they are buckled in.

Talk About Seat Belts

For those with older children, the au pair will need to oversee seatbelt safety. Emphasize that seat belts must be worn by the children as well as the au pair for every outing.

Go Over Accident Protocols and Auto Insurance

If your au pair gets in an accident, she will need to provide the proper paperwork to the other driver and law enforcement. Show her where the registration and insurance information is in the car.

Discuss auto insurance coverage and responsibility for covering the deductible if the au pair is at fault for the accident. Also tell her critical information such as calling the police if an accident does occur and not moving the car until they show up.

Prohibit Drinking and Driving

While your au pair may be of age to consume alcohol, make it clear drinking and driving are never acceptable with your vehicle.

Come to an Agreement on Off-Hours Use of the Car

Will your au pair have access to your vehicle when she is not working? Talk together to determine an answer acceptable to you both.

Cover Who Pays for Gas

You may decide to cover all the gas for your au pair, agree on a split or expect her to pay. Talk about it before she uses the car. Also go over the difference between liters and gallons as well as kilometers versus miles, so she is prepared with the proper amount of gas for trips.

Answering any questions thoroughly and addressing any issues as soon as they pop up will ensure you both have a good experience with driving when your au pair arrives.

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