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Hosting an Au Pair: True or False

Hosting an au pair is an excellent opportunity to bring the world to children and provide them with a healthy cultural exchange. An au pair is a young international student or person who becomes part of your family, and takes care of your children and household during the process. The au pair becomes an integral, trusted, and beloved part of the family. While this program offers countless benefits, there are still several myths circulating about the au pair program. The following information discusses a few of the top myths surrounding hosting an au pair.

Will There Be a Stranger in My Home

False. Hosting an au pair does not mean that a stranger will be living with you. To the contrary, you are adding a family member, big brother or sister for your children. Remember, all au pairs go through a rigorous comprehensive screening process, which includes references, criminal background check, a personal interview, and passing a psychometric test.

Hosting an Au Pair Means Just Having Another Mouth to Feed

False. Contrary to popular belief, when you host an au pair, your household will gain a responsible individual, not "another mouth to feed". Au pairs can range in age anywhere from 18 to 26. As a result, these young individuals have a true desire to care for children, and help in your home.

Hosting an Au Pair Is Expensive

False. When it comes to expenses associated with other child care programs, au pairs are extremely affordable. With a weekly average of $356 per family (not per child), inviting an au pair into your home can be significantly cheaper than day care.

The Number of Hours an Au Pair Can Work is Flexible

True. Au pairs are allowed to work extremely flexible schedules. Au pairs can work up to 45 hours every week, and 10 hours per day. In any case, they must have at least one full weekend off every month - like most people who work. However, au pairs can work on holidays, before or after school hours, and even on weekends. Au pairs also receive 2 weeks of paid vacation. With their flexible schedule, sick days and snow days are much easier to manage with au pairs.

You Are Left Without Support

False. Hosting an au pair through EurAupair involves ample support. Our attention to detail and support starts with the interviewing process and continues throughout the year. We provide monthly check-ins, and schedule au pair meetings with a dedicated and experienced Community Counselor. EurAupair provides this extensive network of support to ensure a successful cultural exchange.

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