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Why Host An Au Pair | Question to Consider When Choosing to Host

Why Host An Au Pair | Question to Consider When Choosing to Host

  • Is my family's need just temporary or do I need regular full or part-time child care?
  • Do I want my children to be taken care of at my own house and doing extra activities or stay at a day care facility?
  • Do I perceive the support from EurAupair as valuable or am I too busy to have someone check-in on me regularly?
  • Would I feel more at ease for having an on-going support from the EurAupair agency?
  • Is a flexible schedule, possible with an au pair, important to me or am I able to commit to a set schedule of a day care center?
  • Are cultural experiences important to me and something I want to provide my children too?



  • 18-26 years of age
  • High school graduates or equivalent
  • Experienced, though not extensively, in caring for children
  • Responsible young adults who have had references verified, have passed a criminal background check and a psychometric test evaluation
  • In good health with a medical certificate
  • Fully insured including medical, travel, personal liability and accidental death coverage
  • Available with a driver’s license
  • English speaking (most as a second language)



  • On-going promotions and discounts to new and current host families
  • In case your au pair is not compatible with your family, EurAupair will provide the host family with a new replacement au pair as soon as possible
  • Ronald McDonald House Charities® donation in your family's name


For more information on hosting an au pair contact us!

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