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Au Pair Gift Ideas

Au Pair Gift Ideas

Hosting an au pair is a rewarding, exciting and enriching experience. She provides in-home child care and peace of mind for your family, you provide a warm home and hearty meals, and both she and your family benefit from building a personal, intercultural bond that will change your lives.

When you welcome your au pair into your host family, you want to set the stage for the best experience possible — and that means making her feel appreciated, valued, comfortable and happy in your home.

In addition to treating her with respect and making her a part of the family, it's a good idea to give her a little extra something special to show your appreciation now and then — like a great gift or thoughtful gift certificate!

Whether you're looking for a welcome gift for your au pair, a holiday present, a birthday gift, an occasional token of appreciation or a goodbye present, here are some great au pair gifts for a host family to give to get you started.

1. Welcome Gifts for Your Au Pair

An au pair will bring gifts for her host family, but those gifts are more intangible — the cultural exchange, the peace of mind and the convenience of live-in child care. When you first meet your au pair, you'll want to acknowledge all that she'll do for your family and how excited you are to invite her into your home, your family and your hearts. A wonderful way to welcome her to the country and her new home could be with any of these au pair welcome gift ideas.

Get a thoughtful welcome gift for your au pair, such as:

  • A diary or journal
  • A special mug or cup
  • A pair of cozy slippers
  • A set of luxurious bath products
  • A personalized set of linens
  • A bouquet of flowers

2. Cultural Offerings

When your au pair first arrives, she might be experiencing some culture shock. To welcome her into your home, build your relationship as her host family and introduce her into your culture, you might want to get her something that gives her insight into your culture. You'll help her acclimate to her new environment and make the transition to her new home easier with these au pair gift ideas that reflect your family's culture.

Help your au pair settle into your home and your culture with these cultural au pair gift ideas:

  • A guidebook of your state, town or country
  • A book about America's culture or history
  • Sweets or food common in your family or town
  • A map of public transportation or attractions in your area
  • A gift certificate for your favorite local store or coffee shop

3. Keepsakes and Sentimental Items

Sometimes, the best gifts are the ones that come from the heart — and after spending some time with your family, your au pair will want to remember your time together. Sentimental au pair gift ideas will show how much your time together has meant to your family and how much your au pair has helped your family grow and experience a new culture. A keepsake will be the perfect way to say goodbye to your au pair or express your gratitude for her any time and thank her for all she's done.

Touch her heart by giving her a special sentimental gift, such as:

  • A personalized photo item, like a mug or pillow
  • A photo book with memories of your family and au pair together
  • A handmade card or album from your children
  • Framed artwork of your children's handprints
  • A print of a map that connects your home to hers

4. Practical Items

Your au pair came to you with only the belongings she could fit in a suitcase — she's sure to appreciate any practical gifts she can put to use. Gifting your au pair with a few practical items will help her feel more comfortable in her new environment and make her transition to living with you that much easier.

When you want to give your au pair something useful, try these practical present ideas:

  • Headphones
  • Clothing and accessories
  • Carry-on luggage for the new belongings she collects in your country
  • A backpack or purse
  • A modest camera to document her experiences
  • A stationary set to write to home or journal her experiences
  • A self-care gift basket with face masks, lotions and more

5. Personal Presents

When you spend a decent amount of time with your au pair and get to know her personally, you'll have a better idea of her tastes and interests. Personal au pair gift ideas are perfect for her birthday, holidays or a "just because" gift that shows your appreciation and how much you've gotten to know your au pair.

If you want to show your appreciation as a host family, give your au pair a gift that's suited to something you know she likes, such as:

  • A gift certificate to her favorite restaurant, retail store or coffee shop
  • A gym membership
  • A subscription to her favorite magazine or streaming service
  • A ticket for a personal trip
  • An experience — like going bowling, seeing a movie, visiting an attraction or other fun activities
  • A copy of a book by her favorite author
  • Printed photos of family and friends for her to display in her room

6. Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Au Pair

The holidays are a time for giving and being grateful for those in your life, so include your au pair in your Christmas celebration and gift exchange. While the personal and practical gifts above would make a thoughtful holiday present, Christmas gift ideas for your au pair will suit the season.

Consider these Christmas gift ideas for your au pair:

  • A personalized photo frame with pictures of her and your family
  • A customized Christmas ornament with a photo of her and your family
  • A ticket to a local event
  • Cozy and practical winter accessories
  • A gift box of her favorite tea or other warm drinks

Contact EurAupair With Questions About Your Au Pair Experience

With the invaluable and intangible gifts an au pair provides for a host family, you'll want to show your appreciation year-round with the above au pair gift ideas. Remember to take the time to appreciate your au pair and make her feel special! Contact EurAupair with any questions about your experience.

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