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EurAupair Host Families Reviews

“We have happily used EurAupair for over four years now. All three of our au pairs have been outstanding and dependable, and each one has felt like a member of our family. It has been a positive experience for us. There are always many different candidates to choose from, from many different countries. There is always someone at EurAupair, whether at the home office or with your local Community Counselor to answer questions and provide support.”
The Phua family, Kirkland, WA

“Julie is an amazing young woman. I truly see her as a young sister/daughter/friend. We have great times cooking together, or just talking through the night.”
Escorcio Ymayo family, Baltimore, MD

“There are a lot of great memories. Giulia fits in great with the family and attends all my children’s events. Or she will just sit and watch a movie with the family.”
Callahan Family, Chicago, IL

“Julie devised a fun game of putting stickers with names of objects in Spanish all over the house and Ava had to speak these names out every time she used or passed by these objects! “
Van Order family, Washington DC

“Watching Pauline holding our 4 year old daughter in her arms with our 4 year old son standing next to her, her waving and the kids waving goodbye to us on the front porch as Jerome and I were leaving to take our departing au pair Sarah to the airport. It’s always a hard transition time between au pairs, but the kids looked perfectly comfortable with the new au pair Pauline as they waved the former au pair Sarah goodbye! I knew then we are destined to have a good year.”
Land/Alfred family, Springfield, VA

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the terrific care our German au pair provides for our family. We had traditionally used local nannies, but because lean economic times meant trimming the family budget, we decided to give a live-in au pair a try. She ended up being a huge budget relief at 54% cost savings over our previous childcare expenses. But the best value has been the wonderful cultural exchange we’ve enjoyed. She’s taught our children German traditions and German words, she shares pictures and stories of her homeland, and she’s even treated us to some authentic home-cooked German meals. The support and guidance we’ve received from EurAupair made the whole process easier than I ever could have imagined. Thanks EurAupair, for a fantastic childcare solution that has included a great cultural experience!”
The Solem Family, Bellevue, WA

“Emilie has been singing a lot of kids songs with the children and the kids are now always just singing or humming. Just wonderful.”
Cantarel family, Laurel, MD

“Our Au Pair, Steffi, is really great and we feel so fortunate to have her here! It makes me happy to know she is also really enjoying her time in Seattle and she made a lot of friends.”
The Graham Family, Seattle, WA

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