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Four Ways to Help with Homesickness When You Host an Au Pair This Holiday Season

While homesickness can strike at any moment, the Holidays can often amplify the feelings of seclusion and loneliness for Au Pairs in America. When you host an Au Pair, helping her deal with her homesickness can make a world of difference. Here are four ways you can help your au pair over come homesickness.

Inclusion in Family Traditions

One of the greatest things about our world is the vast diversity of beliefs and traditions, including the variety of ways we celebrate the Holidays. These differences could leave your Au Pair feeling as if she does not belong with your family. When you host an au pair, including her in your family traditions and activities will help her feel less lonely, while encouraging cultural exchange. Some ways to include your au pair are:

  • Decorating the house
  • Baking and Cooking holiday-themed recipes
  • Family Outings
  • Tree Shopping if celebrating Christmas
  • Visiting Santa with the children
  • Speaking about the way the holidays are celebrated in her country

Adopt Some of the Au Pair's Traditions

Cultural exchange should go both ways when you host an au pair. Including her in your family's traditions can go a long way towards alleviating homesickness; however, embracing her Holiday traditions as well shows her you care about her, and can reduce her feelings of isolation.

Encourage Social Outings with Friends

To help reduce homesickness, try encouraging your au pair to go out with her new friends in her free time. Spending time with friends is a great way to reduce homesickness, she may have an au pair friend from the same country she is from and can share memories of traditions they have in common.

Get Involved with the Community

Engaging with the community is a wonderful way to help reduce the feelings of homesickness and one way to do this is through volunteering. Local food banks, homeless and women's shelters, and even animal shelters are all great places to volunteer any time of the year, and more so over the colder months when the Holidays typically fall. Becoming a volunteer further enriches the Au Pair's experience by exposing her to a wider range of traditions while knowing she has made a difference.

Of all the things, you can do to help reduce homesickness when you host an Au Pair, acknowledging her feelings and being there for her are the best things you can do. To learn more ways to help, please contact EurAupair today.

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