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Au Pair Summer Schedule

Summer is in full swing all across the USA, and with children out of school it is important to design a new schedule for your au pair to ensure her work hours do not go over the daily & weekly limit allowed by the program. Here are a few scheduling tips for families hosting an au pair in USA this summer.

How to Avoid Over Scheduling

Summer time often means that children spend a lot more time at home than they otherwise would during the school year. Without proper preparation & planning, it can be easy to overwork your au pair, especially if both parents work outside the home. Despite the additional child care needs summer can bring, au pairs must not work more than 10 hours a day or 45 hours a week -- even if you have asked your au pair and/or offered additional compensation. Here are some ideas to consider in order to ensure summer hours comply with the au pair program regulations.

  • Sign children up for summer camps (half days or full days).
  • Encourage the children to attend summer school or other activities away from the home and from the care of your au pair.
  • If necessary and possible, adjust the host parent's schedule to prevent both parents being away from the home for extended times.
  • Ask the help of other family members, such as grandparents, if needed.

Involve Your Au Pair in Summer Scheduling

When school's out for the summer it's very important for host families to include their au pair int he conversation when scheduling her working hours. She can remind you of a vacation you & her agreed upon or of a class she signed up for, as is often a great time for au pairs to work on their educational requirements.

For more information regarding au pair schedules, or to learn more about hosting an au pair in USA, please contact the knowledgeable and dedicated staff at EurAupair today!

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